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April 2015

District News
  -- District Director

April, 2015.

March got off to a good start with Chapter Y’s Fun Day. The weather was a little cool in the morning, but soon warmed up, and several chapters were able to ride to their event. As always, everyone had a good time visiting, playing games and eating. Some of our regular chapters that had attended in the past were unable to be with us due to health reasons. We wish a speedy recovery to all of our friends.

April is filled with various activities to fill the month. On Saturday, April 11th the 40 to Phoenix will be in the Leeds area. This is the annual ride that departs Wilmington, N.C. and travels through many of the Districts and Regions in route to the Home Office in Phoenix, Arizona. They will be visiting Barbers Motorcycle Museum. Later that day, we will be leading them to the Irondale Cafe’ in Irondale. This restaurant is the Whistle Stop Cafe’ which was made famous in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. The owner is opening the restaurant just for us, and we will have the entire facility to entertain this group. Make plans to come and have a good time with this group.

April 25th is AL- G’s Fun Day. Doyce and Diane, along with their chapter, always put on a fun filled event. 

The Alabama District Rally is just around the corner. The folks from the Lakepoint Lodge are looking forward to our rally as much as we are. Halloween is the theme, so let your imagination go and come up with some good costumes.  We will have dinner on Thursday night followed by the Costume Contest. Friday morning is the Couple of the Year Selection. As always, the chapters need to be planning their Chapter COY baskets. Please have them there on Thursday or Friday morning. We sell tickets for these baskets, and the funds help support the District Couple throughout the year.

On Saturday morning, there will be an escorted ride from Lakepoint Lodge to the National Infantry Museum in Ft. Benning, Georgia. There will be discount tickets to the Simulator and the I Max Theater. If you have not been to these attractions, make plans to see them. You will be back in time for closing ceremonies.

Robert & Gail Brown
The more you know the better it gets
Email Alabama District Directors[bro wnie 43*b ells outh :net]

Alabama District Team

  Robert & Gail Brown[bro wnie 43*b ells outh :net]
Central Asst. Directors:
  Frank & Linda Teasley[tea swin g*bh am:r r:com]
Southern Asst. Directors:
  Max & Kathy Tanner[mta nner 321* yaho o:com]
Rider Educators:
Motorist Awareness:
  Carl & Janis Breeding[cdb reed ing* att: net]
  Greg & Renee Dempsey[gre gren ee*b ells outh :net]
Membership Enhancement Coordinators:
  Kenneth (YoYo) & Veronica Campbell[Rec ruit ing]
Vendor Coordinators:
  Bill & Trina Barden[jam esba rden *win dstr eam:net]
  Sara & Harry Leach[sle ach8 129* cent uryt el:net]
  Harry & Sara Leach[hle ach* cent uryt el:net]

Couple of the Year:
Dewey & Alice Cole

District News
  -- Central Assistant District Director

Greetings fellow riders, SPRING is officially here!! We all certainly hope that winter is behind us. The past couple of days have given rise to hope that riding season is finally upon us. At this writing the Florida Rally is going on. We hope everyone who is attending is enjoying some warm weather and having a great time. With riding season upon us please remember to TCLOK your rides and your trailers as well. If you have not ridden much lately this is really something you need to do. You might also consider doing a TCLOK on yourself and make sure you are ready for the riding season also.
The end of March brings one last event for the month, the 1st annual mall bike show at the Grand River Outlet Mall in Leeds, Al. Everyone is invited whether you bring a bike/trike or not. This will be a great opportunity to spend the day with friends and your goldwing family and maybe even get in a little shopping to boot. We hope to see all of you there. April brings on a couple of opportunities to get together. The first is April 11th when the 40 to Phoenix ride comes through Birmingham. The group will spend part of the day at the Barber Motorsports Museum in Leeds and then that evening they will join all who wish to attend at the the Irondale Café in Leeds for a great evening of good food and fellowship. The café is normally closed on Sat evening but are opening up just for us. We will have the entire place to ourselves so make plans to come out and join us. The 25th of April is Chapter G’s annual funday. Doyce and Diane and the rest of Chapter G always have a really good funday with plenty of good food and fun for all. We hope you and your chapter is planning to attend.
Coming up in May is the Alabama District Rally in Eufaula. We have some really good things planned for you this year and we hope everyone will attend. The lodge is almost sold out and with a big fishing tournament in town the same weekend, rooms away from the lodge will be hard to find. Please make your reservations now so you won’t be left out. Remember the Alabama Rally is the first stop on the way to getting the Alabama Trifecta Pin for 2015. You must attend, Alabama, Region A and WingDing to qualify to get one of these very unique pins. Don’t miss out.
In closing, please remember all of our men and women in uniform and their families and all of our first responders and their families. They serve and protect us each and every day. We hope to see all of you soon,

Frank & Linda Teasley
Email Central Asst. Directors[tea swin g*bh am:r r:com]

District News
  -- Southern Assistant District Director

What do you look for and expect from your association with GWRRA?  How ‘connected’ do you feel with the local chapter you participate with and how active are you?  If there are things you don’t like and/or things you like, do you discuss them with your Chapter Director or other staff members or do you just keep all your thoughts and comments to yourself and let them ‘stew’?  I think we all need to think about these issues and remember that communication is the most important part of having great relationships whether it is personal or otherwise.  We all should want the best for each of our chapters and we all should remember that we are important to the well-being and growth of our chapters!  You can make a difference and we want you to know that!  If you are not involved or not involved as much as you could be, change and get involved and you will see things improve.  You will see that you can make a difference and have MORE FUN!!! GWRRA truly is an amazing association.  You will find it is quite unique if you investigate it at all and you also will see that we really are interested in the membership.  We want you to enjoy your association, have fun and do things that really do ‘improve’ your life.  Just check out some of the programs and events offered below with many other things not mentioned here like FUN DAYS and TRIPS etc. that are planned.  Also remember to check out the websites of your local chapter and the national site at  You will be even more impressed, I PROMISE!
May 9 will be our MAD Day at the area Welcome Centers. 
May 14 – 16 is our AL District Convention in Eufaula AL with the theme of HALLOWING and it is going to be fabulous also according to Robert & Gail Brown with $1,000 grand prize. 
June 18 – 20 is the Georgia Rally in Dillard Ga.  Tommy & Vicky Martin tell us to be prepared for the GOLD WING DYNASTY and you will have a blast! 
July 16 – 18 is the South Carolina District presentation of PIRATES OF THE CAROLINAS in Anderson SC.  Phil and Judy Stone say be there or be square and you could win the $1,000 Grand Prize.  All vendors will be inside and it will be an experience of a lifetime.
September 3 – 5 is WING DING in Huntsville AL that is the Big Dance for the year and you have just got to be there for this one!  Make sure you get registered and go with the HUGE groups going from your chapter and have more real fun!  You will love it!!
October 29 – 31 is the Southeast Region A Convention in Eufaula AL and
Remember that GWRRA is a wonderful association and we want all “good folks” to be part of our great family.  Share your calendars and your experiences and feel free to call me or Kathy anytime if we can assist in some way with you.  Use those beautiful Gold Wing motorcycles and others to enrich your life and strengthen your GW family ties and relationships and make more memories of a lifetime!  You deserve it!  We look forward to many more miles of riding pleasure with all of you and please, be safe out there.  That’s the only way we can continue to make it fun.

Max & Kathy Tanner
Email Southern Asst. Directors[mta nner 321* yaho o:com]

District News
  -- District Rider Educators

  -- Motorist Awareness Division District Coordinators

I would like to ask all Chapter Educators to check the database and ensure any level information that an update request has been submitted for is accurate.  If it is not accurate, please have the individual submit a follow-up to the previously submitted form 7, 9, or 10.  I have checked all forms in my possession, if it isn't updated I do not have the paperwork.  My mailing address is Carl Breeding, 15015 Lancelot Circle, Harvest, AL 35749.  Remember that a Motorist Awareness seminar is necessary to progress to level III or IV.

Educators, please ensure you have submitted your Rider Education Report form N6 to me no later than 5 April.  These are mandatory from each chapter on a monthly basis.
As we get back into the riding season and brush the dust and cobwebs off of our bikes, we need to do the same with ourselves.  We are planning to man the Alabama Welcome Centers on 9 May for our annual Motorist Awareness Day, perhaps it is also a good time to make sure we are doing all WE can to enhance our own safety.

Mechanical: Is my bike/trike in perfect shape? My Truck may drive for a short distance with a wobbly wheel, but motorcycles are far less forgiving. They are also lighter, more delicate and subject to far more vibration. Don't think that because you are not a mechanic you can't do any good, if you become familiar with your vehicle, you will spot problems as they develop and be able to bring them to the attention of a qualified motorcycle mechanic. Things go wrong without us expecting them to. Despite the temptation to go out for "just a quick spin," I always think about maintenance first. If nothing else, take a few minutes and go over your vehicle from front to back with a bright light, giving it a very intense inspection. Look at every inch of every tire, check the brakes, fluids, fasteners, suspension. Look for things you might have overlooked during your pre-ride checks last fall.  I would also recommend you do likewise with your four, six, ten, or even eighteen wheeled vehicle, I know I always did when driving a big truck, and I try hard to do so when pulling a trailer.

Mental: Is my mind in good shape? Am I tired or distracted? The first rides of the season requires extreme concentration. Not only are you exercising perishable skills that you haven't used for a few months, but you're basically going out for a "test ride" - particularly if you performed maintenance, repairs or upgrades over the winter months. Think about what you want to check in terms of proper operation. Then go to a nearby parking lot and try some slow turns, braking, avoidance maneuvers, and just get to know your bike once again. We sometimes get new riders in some of our classes, and they are tentative when starting new maneuvers, that can be a good thing when first getting back to riding after a couple of months off.  Pay particular attention to how the machine reacts to the application of power or braking, this can be a good indication of the condition of those systems.  While stationary, ensure the front end turns “stop to stop” to the left and right without binding or resistance.  Listen of unexpected noises of rubbing or grinding. If you encounter indications of an existing problem, get the bike checked out by a qualified mechanic. Better to miss one ride and get the bike fixed so you can enjoy many more rides in safety.

Weather: This time of year, weather can change quickly. A beautiful, warm sunny day can get very cool very quickly once the sun starts to set. Rain showers can be frequent and unexpected. There's nothing worse than riding, soaking wet, when it's not warm outside. And it's not unheard of to have unexpected snow. Ever ridden your motorcycle in the snow? I have, and don’t recommend you gain that experience. During my ride from Phenix City a couple of years ago, I was drenched starting out, it wasn’t very warm, and a couple of hours of that were quite enough at a time.  It is good to get off move around and get warmed up before continuing.

Roads: The road conditions at this time of year, are in a word, atrocious. In the snow belt areas, literally tons of sand and salt have been dumped everywhere. Salt can cause corrosion on metal parts, and really should be avoided if possible. Sand in a corner is like ice - hit a patch of sand while cornering and you will very quickly be introduced to that sand in a close up and personal manner. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles have caused potholes to appear, and chunks of asphalt will be laying about. Hitting a large pothole in a car can damage a wheel rim. Hitting a large pothole on a motorcycle can total your bike, and you along with it.
The bottom line in this dissertation, like most of mine, is: “Think before you mount your bike.”  Think about things that can have gone wrong before you start checking your bike, you just may end up doing a more thorough check.  Think before you get dressed, you may end up better prepared for what you encounter in the way of weather and road conditions.  Think before you start your ride, if there are things you haven’t practiced lately you may want to head to the previously mentioned parking lot to practice them and ensure you remember how to do them properly.  Think, before you go on a group ride: do the other members of the group face the same issues?  If so you may want to help organize a Parking Lot Practice or a ARC or TRC.  Think before you ride: do you know what to do in an emergency?  If not you might want to take a Crash Scene Response seminar and a Medic First Aid class.

Carl & Janis Breeding
Email Alabama District Rider Educator[cdb reed ing* att: net]

Email Alabama District Motorist Awareness Coordinators[cdb reed ing* att: net]

District News
  -- Membership Enhancement Coordinators

Well here we are going into April and it feels like winter has doubled back on us. We did have a few warm days and everyone should have got to ride some.

  Chapter Ys fun day was another success with fun to be had by all. The Chapter of the Year was announced there and it went to Chapter D in Anniston. It was a pretty close race between two chapters.
CHOY coordinators need to have the manual when they start doing the scoring and do it by each section in the manual as they go. All the MEC Manuals and rules and score sheets are on line at  or if you want I can email them to you, Just let me know. A lot of the required items were not sent in.

  A lot of us will be attending the bike show in Leeds on the 28th and hope to see you there. Some of us will be leaving there and going to Samson for the AL. Traveling Plaque grab on Sunday. Plans are to spend the night in Enterprise. Seems as though chapters T and D have got into a little  battle of their own to see which can capture it the most times. Would like to see all chapters get involved in this.

  The Alabama Rally will be coming up in May so make your plans. Rooms are going fast and we want you there having fun. Will be some different stuff going on this year so let us know what you think. Maybe next year we might even bring back the on bike games. Remember we need help on the MEC Table Friday and Saturday. Will send schedule later.

  Remember the theme is Halloween so get your costumes out and come down or up to Lake Point state Park in Eufaula for a good ole goblin good time. Some you just come as you are.  LOL

Be safe ride often
(Yoyo)    (EZ)  ask 

Kenneth (YoYo) & Veronica Campbell
Mem bers hipE nhan cement

District News
  -- District Couple of the Year

Happy Easter to Everyone!

March kept us busy and busy is good!  We attended Chapter Y's Fun Day in Gardendale.  Everyone in attendance, including us, had a great time.  They gave away lots of nice prizes and even money.  Thanks for a wonderful day of fellowship.  Chapter "Y" also hosted a Motorcycle Awareness Day at Grand River Mall in Leeds, March 28th (a very cold day).  That did not stop dedicated Gold Wingers though, they had 43 bikes in attendance.  Lots of literature was passed out and a few applications to GWRRA was also given out.  The sun came out and warmed up to 52* when we were ready to head home.  The motto of GWRRA was in abundance,  "Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge".

We rode to the Florida District Convention with nice weather all the way.  Our ride home was a different story.  It rained and the temperature dropped when we got to Georgia and it stayed that way all the way home.  We had a super good time at the rally, even though we won "NOTHING".  We do want to say Thanks to Larry Anthony, because we have received several Congrats on winning the new Gold Wing motorcycle Florida gave away.  We even had an offer to buy our motorcycle since we now have a new one.  That was so cute.  Thanks Larry we enjoyed the laugh it brought.  Things like that is what makes GWRRA so much fun.  Our picture was posted on Face Book with the motorcycle they were giving away and people miss understood.  Maybe in our future it will happen, we hope so anyway.  That would sure be a nice way to get a new Gold Wing.

We are now getting ready to head to Marshall Texas and attend Region H Convention.  Hope to see everyone there.

Until next time,

Dewey & Alice Cole
Email Dewey and Alice Cole[tra vele rdca c*ne tsca pe:net]

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