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August 2016

Greetings fellow riders, another month has passed us by and those of you who like hot weather should really being enjoying this month. We are having heat waves across the country and right here in our own neck of the woods. Please take extra precautions to keep yourself and your bike in the hot weather mode! Please drink plenty of fluids and use the cool collars or the cool vest to keep your body temp regulated during your hot weather rides.

We had our first District Scrapbook grab since our last article. Chapter Z put the book up for grabs and Chapter D took it home. The gathering was well attended and a good meal and a good time were had by all. Ice cream during the trip home made it even better! Chapter D will be offering the Scrapbook up for grabs on July 23rd in Anniston. We hope to have a great turnout for that event as well.

The South Carolina District Rally is in the books and we really enjoyed ourselves. The rally was held in Anderson at the Anderson Civic Center. Everyone, including the vendors, was indoors so the heat was not a factor. The event was well attended and culminated on Saturday evening at closing with a changing of the District Team. Phil and Judy Stone, the District Directors, stepped down at closing. Big thanks to Phil and Judy for a job well done for South Carolina during their tenure. Assuming their duties are long time GWRRA members, Buddy and Kim Summers. They are currently the MAD coordinators for Region A. We wish them the best of luck and know they will do a great job for all the members in South Carolina.

Wing Ding is just around the corner and we wanted to remind everyone that is  going to be there that Alabama has the Registration table from 11AM until 3PM on Wednesday, August 31. If you are there and can spare and hour or two your help would be greatly appreciated. Not only will you get to sit down in the air conditioning but you will get a chance to meet and greet GWRRA members from all over the world! A great chance to make some new friends and some great memories at the same time. We hope to see all of you there.

Please remember all of our men and women in uniform that put themselves in harm’s way each and every day to protect and serve us. These are very difficult times for them and their families right now and we want to thank them for their service each and every day. With the difficulties that our law enforcement officers have to face every day, and especially right now, please say thank you to them when you see them out. They really need our support right now! We hope to see all of you out on the road.

How do you, as a Chapter Director, communicate with your chapter members? Have you thought about it lately, and are your members getting the information? Here are some of the ways to make your members aware of what is going on in the chapter and district.

The main means of communication is your chapter newsletter. The MOU, which you signed, is a contract that states you will publish a newsletter and distribute it to all the district, region and national members. Your newsletter should include information from you, your ACD, Educator and MEC along with articles from the District Director and Region Director. Any article with information you feel the members need or will be interested in should be included along with your monthly calendar.  The calendar should contain information for rides, meeting places and depart times. Your Officer Guide Book and the GWRRA Website has all the information for Newsletters.

Other communication means are e-mail and phone trees. E-Mails can be sent to remind members of events and the information found on the chapter calendar. As we age, we need these to keep us on track.  The chapter phone tree can be used for those members that do not have internet service or, if an emergency arises, so that members can be contacted right away.

Social media such as Face Book is very popular, but not everyone uses it. It can be one of your communication tools; just not your main one. If your chapter uses Face Book, it should be closely monitored and access limited as to who can post.

Communication is of the utmost importance and the above are ways for you to communicate within GWRRA.  If you could use help with your newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


It’s hard to believe we are on the downhill side of summer already.  We are in the last month of summer vacation and many are preparing to get back into the routines of school schedules with teachers going back to work and getting onto the old grind again.  I hope many of you took advantage of the time off and did something fun and different to make memories for you and your families, as that is all we will be able to have with us for the rest of our lives so make them good!!!  I know many of you did that on your motorcycles as Kathy and I did and we are loving it!  We are blessed to be part of  GWRRA, the finest organization in the world.

My sweetheart Kathy, Ed Harris from our local chapter and I attended the  Chapter U - Christmas in July event held at the Ed Lisenby Lake Park in Ozark AL on July 9th and it was wonderful again.  Bruce and Eileen Williamson and crew really put on a show with some wonderful food, fun and fellowship that many enjoyed immensely! The Dirty Santa was awesome and really peaked with some dirty grabs too! It was well planned, presented and pulled off with a lot of laughs and fun which is what we all are supposed to be doing.  Good job Bruce and Eileen!!  Keep up the good work!

The BIG DANCE – WING DING will all be over by the time this article comes out and I know it will have been another wonderful event.  It is the largest rally GWRRA puts on and it was in a beautiful place again where the scenery is spectacular with way more things to do than you will have time to get done.  September still offers the Wings Over the Smokies event, scheduled for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th in Cherokee NC. What a gorgeous part of the world that is and I hope many of you can take part in that great offering too!  The month of October is going to be busy too with the MS District Rally schedule for October 13th thru 15th in Gulfport MSwith the theme of Gold Winging to Old Hollywood.  That is followed by the Region A - Steel Pony Rally in Eufaula AL on the 27th, 28th, 29th so fire up your steel pony and ride!  These are always great events so be sure to make your plans to attend and participate and make more memories!!  You’ll be glad you did and we certainly will be too.

REMEMBER!!!  The Alabama District Rally for 2017 will be in Mobile AL, May 18 – 20 at the Ashbury Hotel & Suites.  The theme for 2017 is SITCOM MANIA!  Make your plans now to attend and be prepared to have more fun than a barrel of monkeys!  It will be GREAT AGAIN!!!  Put your thinking hats on and get your Talent Show Crews together and grace us with your entries in the talent show contest with your best sitcom endeavor!  Just do it and make it FUN for all!!! More info to follow!

Remember that GWRRA is a wonderful association and we want all “good folks” to be part of our great family.  Share your calendars and your experiences and feel free to call me or Kathy anytime if we can assist in some way with you.  Use those beautiful Gold Wing motorcycles and others to enrich your life and strengthen your GW family ties and relationships and make more memories of a lifetime!  You deserve it!  We look forward to many more miles of riding pleasure with all of you and please, stay safe out there.  That’s the only way we can continue to make it fun.

We would like to express our appreciation to two different groups. First, thanks to the Rider Course Instructors for the work they do to help us be safer on the Highways. I would also like to thank the chapter members and leadership that have been helping nominate ranges for our use and to coordinate their use.  It is important for all of the members to understand that none of us are paid to do these things, it is part of our contribution. 

We have offered Trike Rider Courses (TRCs) in Russellville and Lincoln, and are busily planning additional courses.  We expect to have an Advanced Rider Course (ARC) (two wheeled vehicles) on September 17th in Russellville, and a TRC in Dothan on 8 October and an ARC as well if Troy State can devote two parking lots for our use on the same date, if not we will have to present them on consecutive weekends.  Ron Landers is working to get an obligation for a range for us in Jacksonville, Alabama, we will publish details when all arrangements are made.

The good news is that Wing Ding, the Kentucky Rally, the SD/NE Rally, and the Montana rally are all in August also, and we hope to make them all.  The bad news is that the weather for the last couple of weeks has been dangerously hot, and we don’t expect any relief between now and the end of August.  I encourage all of you to ensure you stay hydrated and to keep your eyes on the rest of your riding companions to help monitor their condition.  I know we had to have an intervention yesterday to keep a member of our group from serious problems due to the heat.  Even in the shade, it is dangerous when the temperatures are in the 90s or higher. If possible get the over-heated person indoors out of the heat until they feel better.  If not, you can help them to a shady place and cool them with cool, wet cloths or water.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to all of you in helping to keep our Rider Education program viable!

Not long ago everyone was saying it was too cold - well, do you like the change?  The next couple of weeks are to be really hot, so please be dressed for it and drink plenty of water. Fewer clothes are not the best answer for staying cool and protected.

It seems as though everyone is concentrating on getting new members, and has done a good job of it here lately.  But we have also got to work at retaining the ones we have. How we do that is by making them want to stay.  We are having a steady drop in membership each quarter. Some of them are the ones that joined and never got active in a chapter. Some are dropping out for health reasons. We have people in their 90's that are still riding, so it does not seem to be just old age but the health of us old folks. I know just in the last three years or so my ability to do a lot has dropped.  You just got to be tough to be old.

I may be old and slow but I just renewed for another 5 years, so look for me to be around until 2022. I may be in a 4 wheeler but as long as it is fun, I will do my best to stick around. Be optimists, go ahead and renew!  All staff members should renew at least for another three years at a time.

I am late with this so til next month, be safe.

Alabama District Team

  Frank & Linda Teasley[tea swin g*bh am:r r:com]

Northern Asst. Directors:
  Robert & Gail Brown[bro wnie 43*b ells outh :net]

Southern Asst. Directors:
  Max & Kathy Tanner[mta nner 321* yaho o:com]

Rider Educators:
  Carl & Janis Breeding[cdb reed ing* att: net]

Motorist Awareness:
  Carl & Janis Breeding[cdb reed ing* att: net]

  Roy & Anita Fosnight[Fpo orf* knol ogy: net]

Membership Enhancement Coordinators:
  Kenneth (YoYo) & Veronica Campbell[Rec ruit ing]

Couple of the Year Coordinators:
  Terry & Barbie Cleveland[Rec ruit ing]

Vendor Coordinators:
  Robert & Gail Brown[bro wnie 43*b ells outh :net]

  Sara & Harry Leach[sle ach8 129* cent uryt el:net]

  Penny & Larry Anthony[pen nyin al*y ahoo :com]

  Mike Freeman[mik eson eont hesi de*g mail:com]

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