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The crunch of the financial crisis and the easy access to fast consumer loans have resulted in many Danes having taken out several different loans. This type of debt is often expensive due to the various expenses of the loan such as interest and ongoing fees. At the same time, it can quickly become difficult to get an overview of the various loans, which can result in the loans eventually becoming even more expensive, because the small loans are not paid for.

There are therefore many good reasons to collect all the lump sum debt in one loan.

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Benefits of debt consolidation at

  • Small loans are paid out. The inconvenience of many loans can easily result in losing sight of the loans to be paid first. Thus, some small loans may run for longer than necessary, resulting in unnecessary interest rates.
  • Save money. By consolidating all loans into one, you paid off all the small loans.
  • Clarity and motivation. By consolidating your loans, you only pay off one loan and therefore do not drown in different bills. This gives you an overview of how much you actually owe, how much you have to pay per month and when the loan is paid off. This will at the same time give more motivation to continue the installment, as you can see a clear end to the loan period. When the debt is consolidated you save for the incompetence of various debt and bills and make payment easier. This saves you not only money but also time in everyday life.


What should you do

  • Create an overview. Before you apply for a new total loan, you must create an overview of your existing loans. Find out how much you owe, how much you pay off monthly and what is the maturity of the various loans?
  • Collect the debts. Once you have created the necessary overview, it is a good idea to have a talk with the bank about any combined loan and with mortgage lenders. One loan may provide lower interest rates and fewer ongoing fees. Therefore, explore your options before taking out a single consumer loan.

So it’s a good idea to collect your lump sum debt into one single loan. This will not only create air in your finances, make your debt situation clearer and save you a lot of money, but also give you a more manageable everyday life.

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