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The crunch of the financial crisis and the easy access to fast consumer loans have resulted in many Danes having taken out several different loans. This type of debt is often expensive due to the various expenses of the loan such as interest and ongoing fees. At the same time, it can quickly become difficult to get an overview of the various loans, which can result in the loans eventually becoming even more expensive, because the small loans are not paid for.

There are therefore many good reasons to collect all the lump sum debt in one loan.

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Benefits of debt consolidation at

  • Small loans are paid out. The inconvenience of many loans can easily result in losing sight of the loans to be paid first. Thus, some small loans may run for longer than necessary, resulting in unnecessary interest rates.
  • Save money. By consolidating all loans into one, you paid off all the small loans.
  • Clarity and motivation. By consolidating your loans, you only pay off one loan and therefore do not drown in different bills. This gives you an overview of how much you actually owe, how much you have to pay per month and when the loan is paid off. This will at the same time give more motivation to continue the installment, as you can see a clear end to the loan period. When the debt is consolidated you save for the incompetence of various debt and bills and make payment easier. This saves you not only money but also time in everyday life.


What should you do

  • Create an overview. Before you apply for a new total loan, you must create an overview of your existing loans. Find out how much you owe, how much you pay off monthly and what is the maturity of the various loans?
  • Collect the debts. Once you have created the necessary overview, it is a good idea to have a talk with the bank about any combined loan and with mortgage lenders. One loan may provide lower interest rates and fewer ongoing fees. Therefore, explore your options before taking out a single consumer loan.

So it’s a good idea to collect your lump sum debt into one single loan. This will not only create air in your finances, make your debt situation clearer and save you a lot of money, but also give you a more manageable everyday life.

Debt financing application increases | Loan Consolidation

The need and interest in applying for debt financing is increasing. It is important to distinguish between the concepts of debt financing and debt restructuring.

This is despite the fact that such a method is often also called start-up financing, restart loans, debt restructuring loans and other things. Everything basically means the same thing if you ignore the restructuring loan, which is characterized by the fact that it requires some form of collateral for the loan, preferably a home.

An application for school funding

school loan

This means that you apply for a new loan with the primary purpose of repaying other old loans and expensive credits. In other words, the goal is to collect loans and smaller credits into one and, in some cases, a few lenders. Although it is possible to apply for a slightly larger amount than you need for it to be sufficient to redeem old loans and credits prematurely, it is something we think you should avoid if you can.

The point of limiting your loan burden to one or a maximum of two larger loans is to bring down the total cost of interest and other fees, while you probably intend to lower your total monthly cost of loans as well.

In most cases, you can both repay more and at the same time get lower interest rates and fees, by applying for debt financing. The vast majority of people who apply for debt financing do so in order to get more money over to another, which is also met by collecting expensive loans and credits in one place. The reason this is possible at all is the banks’ willingness to fight to get you as their loan customer.


Reduce your total debt at a reasonable rate

Reduce your total debt at a reasonable rate

It is important to think about choosing an amortization rate that will nevertheless reduce your total debt at a reasonable rate. It can sometimes be tempting to choose an amortization rate that extends over a longer period than necessary, simply to reduce the monthly cost as much as possible. After all, the loan must still be repaid, so it is always best to repay as much as possible. Exceptions to this principle are most appropriate to do if you are uncertain about how your ability to pay will look over time. It is especially difficult to calculate your ability to pay, it can be if you are just trying to get out of a bad economy.

Anyone who, for various reasons, has been in a very difficult financial position with over-indebtedness and is unable to obtain debt financing through loans, should seek advice and help to determine whether debt restructuring can be an alternative. Most municipalities in Sweden provide financial advice free of charge and more information about this can generally be found on your municipality’s website. It is important to know that debt restructuring is a very demanding process and therefore everyone should first try to seek debt financing first, so that all avenues for financial independence are tried.

There are a number of different banks that work with debt financing

There are a number of different banks that work with debt financing

The highest amount for private loans can be obtained from Bank Norwegian where you can be granted a loan of up to $ 600,000 completely without having to provide any security for the loan. Worth noting is that loans of amounts over $ 400,000 are quite difficult to obtain if you have overly large debts since before or too low income. Bank Norwegian has proven to be a good fit for people with different income levels.

There are also lenders for debt financing who can grant you loans even if you have a payment note, but then it is basically always about substantially lower loan amounts than $ 600,000.

Which is the best home loan now?

Those who are taking out a home loan are doing well. In many ways, but the most compelling reason is that mortgage rates have fallen in several financial institutions in January 2019.

The options are there, the decision is yours to choose from the banks offer the one home loan that suits you in every way! And here’s the magic word! You have to find eg. $ 10 million over 20 years, e.g. It is the most optimal for 5-year fixed rate loans, because in this case the difference between the monthly offers is HUF 13 thousand and the repayment can be HUF 4 million.


You need good credit brokerage advice

You need good credit brokerage advice

So that after comparing thousands of products from over 30 credit institutions, you can safely choose the credit product that fits your situation exactly!

The year 2019 has begun and we can see that many banks have reduced their interest rates, particularly on longer-term products for qualified consumer loans.

For example:

  • The CIB 5pcs qualified consumer-friendly home loan reduced its transaction interest rate by 0.30% on average, saving over HUF 200,000, while
  • Interest rates on Konsul Bank’s “weakest” customer loans also fell: 0.02% for 5 years and 0.06% for 10 years.

For example, what is the difference between the most favorable and the most expensive home loans in full repayment: Monthly installments from $ 53,484 to $ 68,852, from the floating rate to the fixed rate, the top 3 offers.

Our example is a 10 million HUF loan, 20 year term, 400 000 HUF income, bank arrival, active card use, 15 million HUF real estate collateral!

Another example is a 15 million HUF home loan, 20 year term, 600,000 HUF income, bank arrival, active card use, 40 million HUF real estate security!

Based on the numbers above, it can be claimed that a well-chosen personalized home loan can save you millions!


Decision is yours to choose from the banks offer the one home loan that suits you in every way

home loan

It has also been revealed that in the long term, fixed mortgage loans and rating systems designed for qualifying consumer-friendly home loans will increasingly take the lead in the market.

If you are looking for a home loan, are interested in CSOK options, or are looking for qualified consumer friendly loans, then call our credit broker to help you make a professional decision!

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Changing from variable to fixed for a safer home loan!

New mortgage loans now have the majority of well-balanced, predictable installments that provide security over a fixed period of 5-10 years or even the end of the term.
The situation is different with running home loans, including many floating rate loans, which keep the home loan contractor uncertain for many years.

Existing schemes, which have variable interest rates, can be made more secure by the method of loan redemption.

Help with the redemption of loans is the fact that this solution is not subject to stricter rules for new home loans, but only if the interest period of the newer loan is longer than the previous one.

According to experts, we can convert a floating rate home loan with a debt of HUF 8 million, which can change every few months, into a fixed monthly loan of HUF 53-55 thousand!

They also added

  • “That clients planning a loan redemption should not only inquire about the terms, the cost of the loan redemption at their own bank, but it is also advisable to examine the designs of other banks.”

According to a credit calculator website, the change in BUBOR, the interbank interest rate for variable-rate home loans and their repayment installments, significantly affected the installment installments compared to January.

Due to the changes in the interest rate environment, interest rates are expected to rise, which also attracts the repayment of the already short-term floating rate mortgage loans, so they are expected to rise.

Reduce risk!

Reduce risk!

Almost 70% of new home loans are fixed-rate home loans, providing significant security against any change in the interest rate environment!

There are still tens of thousands of people with floating rate mortgages out of the total loan portfolio. Even when converting foreign currency loans into forints, there were plenty of people who opted for a variable interest period instead of a fixed one.

According to credit experts, the solution is


From October 1, the rules for new home borrowing will be tightened.

  • “For less than 5 years, the repayment installment of a fixed and variable interest rate mortgage loan will not be higher than 25-30% of the monthly net payment.
  • In the case of fixed-term home loans for 5 and 10 years, the new rules set limits of 35% and 40%, which are now 50-60%
  • modification of home loan agreements and redemption of loans will be possible if the interest period of the new loan is longer than before.

This will encourage loan replacements


Contract changes, in the hope that customers will swap loans for a safe and fixed period.

All solutions should be carefully considered, depending on your financial means and your living situation, you should choose from the options of home loan, loan redemption and contract modification.

Therefore, contact our credit specialists, our credit counselors, who will provide you with extensive information on available, personalized credit options.

A banker mortgage

Want to buy a house and take out a mortgage

Want to buy a house and take out a mortgage

If you want to buy a house and take out a mortgage for this, then this is a form of borrowing money. With a mortgage you can buy the property that you have in mind.

With a mortgage, your new home is the collateral. The amount of a mortgage is again based on your income, the purchase value of the house and the amount of interest that you pay on the mortgage.

With a negative Banker code, it is much harder to take out a mortgage. All loans that you have taken out are registered with the Banker. It is also stated here whether you have payment arrears. If you have arrears, then you often have a negative Banker coding. This means that it is difficult for you to meet payment obligations. With this coding it is often difficult to take out a mortgage. This is then only possible at one of the few financial institutions that do not perform a Banker test.

The interests of a Banker mortgage

The interests of a Banker mortgage

In the Netherlands there are a number of organizations where you can take out a mortgage with a negative Banker code. These are often lenders who do not have a license. Borrowing money from unauthorized lenders is often not without risk. Even though it becomes a bit easy for such organizations to take out a mortgage, you still have to meet a number of requirements here. For example, you must have a minimum fixed income. To find out whether you can take out a mortgage at such an institution, it is recommended that you first request a quote. You then make an appointment for an extensive interview. Based on this interview, the consultant will prepare a quote that you can agree with. This way, you can still take out a mortgage with a negative Banker code.

Borrowing money from lenders without a license is strongly discouraged.

Advice on taking out a Banker mortgage

Advice on taking out a Banker mortgage

If you have a negative Banker code, it is a risk to take out a mortgage. Before you do this, it is advisable to first list the pros and cons. Borrowing money from a financial institution without a license can cause some risk. This way the interest rate can suddenly rise. It is therefore wise to take out a mortgage with an authorized lender.

For more information about taking out a mortgage, it is best to make an appointment with an independent adviser or with a bank to get more information and insight into the options. It is also a tip to compare quotes. This way you can take out the most affordable mortgage that suits you. Just like other loans, a mortgage always costs money.

Consumer Credit: Is The Medical Questionnaire Mandatory?

The first thing to remember is that there is no legal requirement to provide consumer credit or any other type of loan. Nevertheless, the bank requires most of the time that the borrower subscribe to guarantees against health risks. This is his strictest right and it is also your interest. In this case, the health questionnaire is required .


From what amount is it compulsory?

financial problem

Let’s be clear: the obligation does not arise from the choice of the bank but from the insurer, which may be an independent company of the bank in which you take out the loan or one of its subsidiaries, which is often the case. The amount of consumer credit does not come into line at all.

Whether the sum of € 150 or € 75,000 ( maximum amount of consumer loans ) will change nothing, as well as the purpose of financing. You will have the same obligations as you seek to change your car or need cash.

If the questionnaire is made mandatory as part of a CC Credit, it is simply because the insurer provides guarantees and presents a rate based on the state of health of the insured. The calculations made by the actuaries of the insurance companies are based on life tables and regularly updated statistics on the risks of invalidity or work stoppage.

  • Learn more about health benefits

On the basis of the answers provided to the health questionnaire and in the case where the borrower presents proven health risks, the insurer may rule in three ways:

  1. Refuse the file
  2. Propose a premium increase
  3. To propose a limit of the guarantees with the most often exclusions in connection with the origin of the health problems of the insured.

There are contracts without any medical formality but they do not apply to loans. You can read our file on loans without compulsory insurance.


What questions can the insurer ask?

What questions can the insurer ask?

Each insurance company has its own requirements and the health documents vary from one insurer to another. To put it simply, let’s say there are three types of questionnaires:

  1. Simplified : it brings together five to six general questions about your state of health. If you answer negatively to each of them, you will soon be done with the medical formalities.
  2. Full : This intermediate document is often requested for significant amounts. It is more complete and can include up to twenty questions.
  3. The medical report : depending on the nature of the declared diseases or if you have had surgery, the insurer may request a report from a health professional (usually your doctor).

In some more serious cases, the insurance company may require additional examinations (blood tests, electrocardiograms etc.). Our advice,If you have aggravated health risks, do not give up your consumer credit because the insurer requires a health questionnaire. The AERAS agreement obliges your banker to find an alternative to the borrower insurance contract if this one is refused to you.


How to transfer the debt of your credit card to another bank

The transfer of the balance of credit and departmental cards from one institution to another bank is to pay less interest or reduce payment terms. Below we explain how this service works and what requirements you need. Keep reading!

What is the balance transfer?

What is the balance transfer?

Transfer your balance is ‘move’ the debt of your credit card or departmental from one bank to another that offers a lower interest rate. Thus you reduce the cost of the debt or the remaining time to pay it.

What is the use of transferring the debt of a credit card?


Changing your debt from one bank to another serves three purposes:

# 1 Lower interest on your credit

The banks that have this service have fixed interest rates from 7.5% to 24%. These rates are low, compared to the average effective rate of 2015: of 23% and 30% for full and non-total customers, respectively, according to the Bank of Mexico.

# 2 Reduce payment periods

Another advantage of debt transfer is that, in some cases, you reduce payment terms; that is, you finish paying your credit earlier than planned and at a lower cost.

# 3 Consolidate your debts

The third objective of the transfer is to consolidate the debts.

This means “uniting” all pending balances of credit and departmental cards in a single plastic, to have a single cut and payment date, and lower the interest on your debts in total.

What are the requirements to transfer the debt from one bank to another?


The most important requirement to access this service is that you have an excellent credit history and are up to date with your payments on the cards whose balance you wish to transfer.

In addition, you need the new banking institution to approve your credit card; After you receive it, you must notify the bank that you want to transfer your debt; deliver data and they do the process.

As it is not 100% sure that you approve the transfer, we recommend asking the bank first if you have possibilities; if not, you will have another credit card that you probably do not need.

Which banks have the balance transfer service?

Which banks have the balance transfer service?

At least 5 Mexican banks have the balance transfer service, including CABASH, Ratandes, Siocabank, Ranorte and Bagerio.

Do not pay more for your credit! Compare and save interest.