Debt financing application increases | Loan Consolidation

The need and interest in applying for debt financing is increasing. It is important to distinguish between the concepts of debt financing and debt restructuring.

This is despite the fact that such a method is often also called start-up financing, restart loans, debt restructuring loans and other things. Everything basically means the same thing if you ignore the restructuring loan, which is characterized by the fact that it requires some form of collateral for the loan, preferably a home.

An application for school funding

school loan

This means that you apply for a new loan with the primary purpose of repaying other old loans and expensive credits. In other words, the goal is to collect loans and smaller credits into one and, in some cases, a few lenders. Although it is possible to apply for a slightly larger amount than you need for it to be sufficient to redeem old loans and credits prematurely, it is something we think you should avoid if you can.

The point of limiting your loan burden to one or a maximum of two larger loans is to bring down the total cost of interest and other fees, while you probably intend to lower your total monthly cost of loans as well.

In most cases, you can both repay more and at the same time get lower interest rates and fees, by applying for debt financing. The vast majority of people who apply for debt financing do so in order to get more money over to another, which is also met by collecting expensive loans and credits in one place. The reason this is possible at all is the banks’ willingness to fight to get you as their loan customer.


Reduce your total debt at a reasonable rate

Reduce your total debt at a reasonable rate

It is important to think about choosing an amortization rate that will nevertheless reduce your total debt at a reasonable rate. It can sometimes be tempting to choose an amortization rate that extends over a longer period than necessary, simply to reduce the monthly cost as much as possible. After all, the loan must still be repaid, so it is always best to repay as much as possible. Exceptions to this principle are most appropriate to do if you are uncertain about how your ability to pay will look over time. It is especially difficult to calculate your ability to pay, it can be if you are just trying to get out of a bad economy.

Anyone who, for various reasons, has been in a very difficult financial position with over-indebtedness and is unable to obtain debt financing through loans, should seek advice and help to determine whether debt restructuring can be an alternative. Most municipalities in Sweden provide financial advice free of charge and more information about this can generally be found on your municipality’s website. It is important to know that debt restructuring is a very demanding process and therefore everyone should first try to seek debt financing first, so that all avenues for financial independence are tried.

There are a number of different banks that work with debt financing

There are a number of different banks that work with debt financing

The highest amount for private loans can be obtained from Bank Norwegian where you can be granted a loan of up to $ 600,000 completely without having to provide any security for the loan. Worth noting is that loans of amounts over $ 400,000 are quite difficult to obtain if you have overly large debts since before or too low income. Bank Norwegian has proven to be a good fit for people with different income levels.

There are also lenders for debt financing who can grant you loans even if you have a payment note, but then it is basically always about substantially lower loan amounts than $ 600,000.